Bees Over Britain is a collaboration of a number of independent bee farmers from various parts of the country. What we have in common is that we will all have bees for sale in 2014, in the form of nucleus colonies ("nucs"), packages, and queen bees. Some of us also offer a bit more as you'll see if you follow links to our individual websites.

We are all members of the Bee Farmers Association and subject to the BFA Code of Conduct which includes compliance with standards for the supply of bees or queens and compliance with any legislation relating to bee diseases. However, what you will find is that our bees do not simply meet minimum standards but exceed them in many respects. We are also effectively auditing each other, as none of us wish to be associated with any other bee supplier who doesn't match our own quality standards.

This is a "no frills" website, produced for almost nothing using our own limited technical skills. If you buy your bees from us you are paying for bees, not a sophisticated website. It's helped us to keep the prices down.